Craftsman & Artist

According to Wikipedia, it says:

An artist is a person who creates, creates, and expresses a work of art. Also called an artist.

A craftsman is a person whose profession is to create things by hand using the skillful skills that he has acquired.

I was particular about it when I was young, but recently it has become irrelevant



Let’s take a look at the next field


I’ve often heard that violinists adjust the strings delicately depending on the weather and humidity of the day.

It’s an academic feeling with a difficult face.
The intellectual smell pops up

During this time, I was doing a special feature on UK punk on BS TV.
It was featured on Sex-Pistols, but it’s amazing.

The guitar isn’t tuned, the rhythm is unstable, and I’m not good at it …

It’s just amazing
People are enthusiastic about the poor live performance, whether it’s momentum or attraction.

If you look at that much, you will not be able to tell which is a craftsman and which is an artist.

In short, whether it’s classical, punk, contemporary art, healing, or poetry.

I think it’s important to reach or resonate with the hearts of the viewers and listeners.

On the contrary, if it can be expressed well, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a child’s drawing, a disabled person’s modeling, a professional, or an amateur.

The other day, the news of Keith Jarrett came out
Among his various activities, there was a time when he announced improvisational performances that he did only in the mood of the day without any sheet music.
The title is just the date of the day and the name of the hall, but it’s wonderful.
It made me think very much about what expression is
I’m sorry to retire, but the expressions you created touched the hearts of many people.
I have only respect Thank you Keith


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