Things to Believe

What do you believe in
Is it God? Are you a parent or sibling?
Or are you a lover?

Maybe you are yourself?

I don’t really believe in this kind of unrelenting self

So when you decide something, believe in yourself
I can’t say very much

Once upon a time, people who served God were part of their training
I hear that you have made mosaics

I’m sure while thinking about God
It may have been a merit


I had such a solemn feeling during the production of the mosaic.
I don’t have this one either
Sometimes when I’m concentrating on arranging pieces
Somehow the monk and myself
Sometimes you feel the overlap


I don’t have a specific religion, I’m traveling abroad
People often asked me, “Why don’t you believe in God?”

Also, like that, people around me often ask me.

“Why are you doing mosaics?”

At that time, both

Answer “I just happened to be”

But actually, I’m like them (monks) …
I’m sure I believe in something
I’ve been thinking about it recently


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