Rather than being alone-let’s go crazy with everyone

My job is to create mosaic art

So when I continue, I won’t talk to people for days

When you stay in the office, stock up a lot so you don’t get much shopping

It’s hard if you get bad

I went shopping with a basket that I didn’t account for and came back in a hurry if I realized that I was shopping while thinking the other day

I’m sorry to take care of shoplifting security guards this year

It dangerous

Fox gets angry

There is a saying in France

“Rather than being alone-let’s go crazy with everyone”

Rather than living alone alone, it seems to mean that even if you are a madman, it is fun, safe and happy to be with everyone

Is this about humanity or me?

The breath of sighs blows up to such a mountain

What is this feeling of blockage!

I’m going to play  yu-ko-bo  Festival

Please live every day with all your heart




The phenomenon of me