It is such a galando

The person who traveled on foot from France to China the other day was in the news
I was impressed and remembered

I also tried once …

I’m traveling in South America-when I’m in Bolivia, aiming for the sea as it is-even if I’m on a bicycle, I can spread my legs without losing the pedals, sing humming easily and get off the Andes and go to Chile …
(Because it’s 3800m highland)

So I bought a Chinese-made people’s bicycle and left! !


But it ’s not only going down but also going up and downOxygen is thin. It’s hot in the daytime.

In the first place there was a place where I really admired or thought that people who do such things were unconditionally amazing

But I didn’t understand what was going on well and it was frustrating

But I understand. . .

Everyone likes amazing bicycles.
I complained because I didn’t like bicycles so much. . .
(Yeah, the ass hurts, the ass hurts)

When I met a foreign bicycle rider, I got angry and said, “Do you want to do that?”

But I couldn’t get off on the way and ended up riding about 2000 km (until the Chari was severely damaged)

I really hurt my ass …

About 3 times as much fun and amazing scenery …

And I came up with a walking trip! !

After all, the speed at which people walk is the speed at which people live!
I’m writing in my diary …

I bought a carrier and started transshipping tents!

Canceled in 2 days

It’s such a galando