Perhaps a long time ago

I love to see vaguely flames

It ’s a strange feeling to see the flame

I just renovated the room so that I could sleep slowly while watching the flames seen through the glass of the wood-burning stove with the workstudio.

When I stare at the flame, it ’s strangely calm.

I wonder why

I think it’s because the DNA in me remembers the flames I saw in the early days and resonates with those memories.

Speaking of old times

I was really moved when I went to the Sahara Desert

I wonder what

A view of the blue sky and sand

It’s not beautiful or beautiful

It’s horrible

I wonder what

Somehow nostalgic

Perhaps a long time ago

When the earth was still the sea
When I was a creature like a trilobite, I remember that when I was playing on the ocean floor, my DNA was in it, and something resonated with it.

DNA is amazing

Thinking such a thing, drink a strong bourbon with a flame

It’s one song today ▼