Death is grace

I read Tagore’s book

The most impressive words in this book “Death was the word grace “

It ’s a typical Hindu word.

In Hinduism, which believes in reincarnation,
death is the moment of reincarnation and it’s like a snake’s shell,
so burn it and pour it into the river

Life and death are often one side of the other.
I’m sure this world is the world where the room is the living world and the world outside is the afterlife

It’s dark outside at night and I’ve never been there so I’m scared.
I actually came from outside but I forgot

Often when I look out through the window glass at night, it becomes a mirror and I see myself, but I think it’s the moment when life is highlighted when I look at death.

But I’m sure the address is the same.

I feel like that

A grandma, who was once taken care of in Italy, got out of the house in this corona noise.

Looking through the window,
I walked with my grandfather who was out earlier with his arms crossed,
laughing and waving at me

I turned my hand and said.

Thank you
Take care

I said so, but when I thought about it I laughed that I was dead.

One song today is Celtic music that she liked.

I think people’s lives are so fast and fast.