◎ Features

Creating a mosaic piece takes time The opposite of a busy modern society

The light of this work cannot be captured in the photo
So you can’t spread.
Look here now
Now, don’t listen and blink
Please feel this earth painting

When I stare dimly at the stone that has transmitted light
It has been created for tens of thousands of years within that crystal
I feel like the far distant memories of the stones are dimly transmitted into my heart

☆ Recycle Art

Most of the stones used are offcuts of building materials

Stone industrial waste cut out for human use

(Human ego and art)

There are various themes there

◎ Concept

What I am conscious of when I make it is
I want to value the honest texture and color of the stone.

I was born from a big living thing called the earth
Craft a few crystals with their own hands,
Connect and express

It seems like an endless task, but the stone was created
It is only a fraction of a year.

Strictly speaking, it’s not Japanese ancient art
It is a very old way of expression

I am strongly delighted to do world and global art